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Meet Our Teachers!

Meet our two young teachers, Liew Kat Vee and Danisa, and learn about their story to join E-lluminate on our education mission 🙂


Liew Kat Vee, English teacher at CSO


How did you get involved in E-lluminate?

At first, I approached Suzanne from the Picha Project to inquire about the full-time jobs offered. Then I am informed by Swee Lin of the Picha Project about the different positions available including the Marketing & Sales, Customer Service and Operational Executives and Teachers for Refugee school.

As a psychology graduate, I hope to gain practical experience and access to different populations in need in the society. Further, I realized that I only possessed the knowledge of the refugees from textbooks and campaigns, but I have no physical interaction with them.

I was intrigued by the job position as a teacher and the students who have a totally different background from me, and also because I have never taught before I took up this job. I decided to take up the challenges and therefore, I applied for the position as the teacher for refugee school.


Why is education important to you?

Education is a crucial part of my life. I enjoy the moment of gaining new knowledge and skills and I feel rewarded when I can apply the knowledge I learned to help my family members and friends. Education also serves as a guidance for myself to function and solve problems in real life.

Nonetheless, education helps me to build knowledge about the world and teaches us to understand the world from different perspectives. The significances of education in my life are, to contribute the knowledge I gained to the society and help me to achieve more in my life.


Do you have anything to say to the children?

It was my first job experience in being a teacher. I am glad that you are my first students and you have taught me loads of things to become a more patient person. Although we are from a different background from each other, I feel that we share the same purpose of life which is to gain knowledge and to become the useful person in the future.

In addition, we share the same challenges during the journey which is the understanding of each other due to language differences. I am fortunate that I have you as my students who listen and put the effort into learning new things in the classes. No matter what’s your grades in the exam, I am always a proud teacher of you all.



Danisa, Mathematics teacher at MSO


How did you get involved in E-lluminate?

My guitarist, Kim Lim introduced me to her world, where she helps refugees! As times passed, I got on the bandwagon and was soon was apart of E-lluminate.


Why is education important to you?

Because it’s such a valuable tool to possess. Education has the power to build a nation and a better race. With proper guidance through education, I believe bridges can be built. As Malala Yousafzai said, “Let us pick up our books and pencils. They are our most powerful weapon”.


Do you have anything to say to the children?

Dear Amazing wonderful children, I will continue to give you my best and nothing short of it because I believe in you all. Thank you for inspiring and teaching me to never give up and continue striving!

I can’t wait to see what amazing things you’ll achieve and accomplish. I’m proud of each and every one of you. I may not always be there, but I hope you never forget that I love you all! Now, go make a beautiful difference in the world!


Welcome aboard Kat Vee and Danisa 😀

YOU can also help us to place more quality and passionate teachers like them at the refugee schools by giving donations through our SimplyGiving page here.