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More Than Giving Presents This Christmas

GoCar has been one of E-lluminate’s most loved and fun bunch of individuals to work with. For this year Christmas, not only GoCar included us, they had invited all their amazing partners like; KDU, Taylor’s, POS Malaysia, IMU, Shell, UOA, Sime Darby, Doam Studio, FirstClasse, Sunway Group & many more, at sponsored venue Komune Coworking space.

The gathering was full of cheers and laughter as our students got to join in the fun too! Our students were divided into groups and paired up with GoLove partners. They had to design a Christmas T-Shirt and pitched about “ Why You Should Buy My Shirt”. Everyone in that hall is welcomed to participate the bid for the shirts they desired!

GoLove, has been really supportive ever since we crossed path through GoLove Valentines 2018, in creating impact towards what we believe in. This event truly was the epiphany that resembles togetherness, giving, laughter, festivities & impact. All in which was done by a thoughtful gathering with splendid food by The Picha Project and GoCar amazing crew!

On that note, here are three reasons why we think GoLove gathering is special to us:


1. We got pampered- and we passed on the love.

And I am not joking when I say it is a tonne. We were definitely spoilt by the guests.

Throughout the trip, the students offered help to carry the presents to go up the bus and dropped it to the learning centre. As there were quite a number of presents with a mixture of food supply and stationery, I asked them if I should bring the items over to other learning centre and they immediately said okay!

We are working with three learning centre and it is hard to get everyone together all the time, hence at least we made sure there is a way of distributing the resources equally.

So here they are- moving the items from place to place because they understood the value of sharing.


2. Team spirit matters!

When we split the students into a different group, we were worried that they will be disengaged. However, their responsiveness has surprised us! At the same time, we were worried that the adults will take over the design process despite the main objective of the activity is for everyone to come together- learning how to communicate with each other.

When you allow students to mingle around with others in a different setting, not only they make new friends, but it encourages them to interact with others who are from a different social background. It was amazing to see an atmosphere of the guests and the students exchanging thoughts and conversation.

At one point, one of the groups stopped us & said “he is a really talented kid, look at what he’s doing” when he himself was an architect. It is amazing to see them showcasing their talent because you never know what opportunities can come along the way for them.


3. Who says you can’t have fun while making an impact?

This gathering itself was an opportunity to see our students in action, in E-lluminate we believe in three core principles for all our learning centres which are vocational training, quality teachers and entrepreneurship. We have seen our students communicate and socialize with others, took up a creative approach to design T-Shirts, applied their entrepreneurial skills and pitched on the shirts!

The bidding might or might not equate to the value of the shirt or the design but this is no doubt a fun twist on impacting these student lives as it encourages them to think critically and creatively. It also promotes collaboration as they have to learn to take in advice from their teammates and translate them onto the shirts.

GoCar gave our students this opportunity to cross a different area in KL for our students to explore. New places will open up the students’ eyes and minds to different possibilities and ideas.

All in all, the event was really about coming together & enjoying the company of new/old friends, celebrating unity & inspiring our young students how a simple T-Shirt design can turn into a business idea for them one day.

Thank you GoCar, for giving us a night to remember!