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Workshop with Yez Asia

Few weeks back, Yez Asia agreed to join us in bringing entrepreneurship mindset to the students. The one-day workshop involves planning, financing, creating, marketing, selling and evaluating.

The children were looking forward to the process creating and selling the most. I’m going to separate them into two posts to share their experience with you later on.

In this workshop, the students learnt to create bracelet from a wide range of marbles and pearls. I guess it was their first time doing this, and the colors made all of them so excited about it.

They have been very much looking forward to create their own bracelet once they were introduced the whole process from the beginning of the workshop. They are always the masters of creations and I am always fascinated by the ideas they create in their minds.

What makes this workshop different from the ones I’ve attended is that creation was more than just building thing. The facilitators stressed on the WHY of their creations, giving a story to every bracelet made.

So they continue to speak about what the name of their product represents. One team had Tang Pearl because both of them have their surname as ‘Tang’. The other team named it ‘King’ because the group was made up of a bunch of outspoken children. There wasn’t a good or bad name, the idea is to have them to learn about reasoning. I like how the part of creation was incorporated with financing so they are aware that there is a cost to every material as well.

Drawings aside, which is where we start to learn about their crazy creativity

They also created a futsal game on the table (in conjunction of World Cup, duh) and the never-ending Lego bricks. They have this practice of retaining the coolest bricks design until someone else comes up with a cooler design and I don’t have to tell you how competitive it is (because I never made it to the cool kids list).

We believe that when children enjoy the process of creating especially when it’s from scratch, they are empowered to turn their energy and ideas into something valuable. The journey of discovery takes time, and we are only at the beginning. A child who makes things will begin to notice the joy of assembling, building and sorting. Later, these can be nurtured and eventually be a step closer to a “calling.”

This reminded us of a workshop organised with the students from SMK Bukit Cheding under Maybank.

When there is creation, the flow begins. Flow is experiencing the joy of doing something well, a joy so powerful that you will continue mastering. After a while, a child may even learn to create easier ways to execute things, either through automation or delegation. Perhaps a helper will come in and increase the number of items made and shorten delivery duration. Perhaps partnering with someone who has different gifts may result to a larger outcome.

These are the first lessons of scaling a business, lessons for a budding entrepreneur who aspire to build something that requires a number of people working together towards a shared vision. We want to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they are valued.